My Current Look



Bra size: 32 D

Waist: 27 inches

Hips: 32 inches

Height: 5'6''

Weight: 110lbs



Medium-Length. Brown. 

Most of my portfolio includes images of black hair. I have recently begun to work towards transitioning back to my natural hair color, for the most natural look possible. 

Skin & Body


My skin, as you can see throughout my portfolio is pale, or "porcelain." I don't go in the sun often, as I like to protect my skin from unnecessary damage. Additionally, I do not have any tan lines. No tattoos. All natural/ no implants. Pierced nipples - piercings can be removed during shoots. 


Let's Discuss My Style of Work, boundaries, and shoot Expectations

It is important to review this before booking me for a shoot so that, everybody is on the same page on the day we work together. 

I am a professional model and this is my full time job. I am very firm with my rates. The experience, professionalism, and overall energy I bring to a shoot is well worth the $100 - $150  / hour that I charge.

Next, how my rates work when we are shooting several types of work - If we are shooting boudoir all day, but then, during our last hour together, you decide that you would like to shoot erotic, the entire shoot will be charged at my erotic rate. If you need clarification on this, please contact me. 

Moving forward– I am an outgoing woman, with energy that most truly enjoy to be around. I want there to be no confusion though, that my kindness, excitement, or joy that I bring to shoot is not to be mixed up with the desire to date or sleep with the individuals that I work with. This is a professional environment for me and I wish to keep all relations professional. This is work for me, not a dating environment. 

Finally, shoot boundaries and limits – This section is mostly in consideration to erotic work. I understand that this is a broad term, so clarity is needed here. I do not do porn. I will not shoot videos containing solo masturbation, girl - girl, or boy - girl erotic content. I will not shoot nude or erotic work with male models, or male photographers that want to model with me using a remote trigger. The only shoots that I will approve with male models is lifestyle and fashion shoots. I do not shoot P.O.V. work, this means, I will not allow you to touch me during a shoot, nor will I be touching you in any fashion whatsoever. I do not do toy insertion. Sex toys will not be permitted in my images. If you want insertion, I will do finger insertion at an additional $50/hour. What I will allow, at my standard erotic rate of $150/hour is open leg, spreads, and pink spreads. If you have additional questions, about my limits at a shoot, please reach out. I wish to have all of your questions regarding erotic limitations addressed before the day of shoot. 

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Jessi Fierce